10-Year Plan for the Class of 2011

The NY Times Magazine has published a fun, fascinating, interactive Web presentation featuring audio interviews with 18 high school seniors from a San Diego high school, who were asked what they imagine the next decade will have in store for them.

A number of the young people see themselves in careers of service… Jeremy Land is identified as wanting to become an emergency medical technician. “Blood and gore and stuff has never worried me that much,” he can be heard saying. Amanda Strohauer wants to be a psychologist because “I love helping people.” Damian Dumas hopes to become a school counselor. The site also features a would-be Army veterinarian, a midwife, and an elementary school teacher.

With regard to wealth, the Class of 2011 seems to have realistic expectations. They see themselves “comfortable,” but “I don’t see anything in my future that would really make me that wealthy,” according to Elivia Freeman who wants to be a neonatal nurse.

The most interesting career objective came from Salome Zamora who would like to own a bakery. This bakery would offer not only “regular” baked goods, but also bake “weed” into food for “people who have medical-marijuana cards.”