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About AIMsights.

AIMsights is an international marketing consulting company with in-depth expertise in the purchasing and shopping behaviors of Millennials and Baby Boomers in the home furnishings and retail industries.  Our U.S. offices are located in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.  We maintain affiliate offices in Tokyo, Frankfurt, Delhi and Shanghai.  Our client base includes leading brands and companies in the U.S., Europe and the Far East.

The AIMsights Group was formed in 2013, joining the Millennials expertise of Albing International Marketing with the Baby Boomer expertise of Marsha Everton LLC.  This collaboration explores each generation and the cross-generation influences.

AIMsights in on the pulse of what Millennials and Boomers want and think.  We stay in constant contact with each generation, conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews and quantitative surveys and interacting through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and blogs.  Our proprietary Millennials Movers and Zoomers Panels allow us to quickly reach out for honest feedback.

AIMsights provides analysis and insights to reach your target market, building brand awareness and competitive advantage.

Our Logo.

Our mark is the fletching, the set of fins, vanes or feathers near the back of an arrow’s shaft.  The fletching creates aerodynamic stability and keeps the arrow pointed in the targeted (aimed) direction. For AIMsights, the fletching symbolizes the role of analysis and insights in creating a stable, profitable path for marketing to your target customer.


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