Cooking Shows Reach Millennials!

Albing International Marketing recently conducted a survey of consumers across the US to determine Communication and Media preferences among three adult age cohorts:  Millennials (20-29 years old), GenXers (30-45 years old) and Baby Boomers (46 to 65 years old). 


When asked which TWO types of TV shows were of highest interest to them, the leading choice for all age cohorts was “Situation Comedies (such as Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Friends).”  45% of Millennials selected this category, 39% of GenXers and 35% of Baby Boomers.  “Cooking Shows (such as Food Network Shows)” were a top choice for 24% of Millennials and 20% of GenXers, but only 14% of Boomers.  “Comedy Shows (such as The Daily Show, Colbert report, stand up comedians) tied for second choice among Millennials at 24%, but were much lower for the other two cohorts (10% and 8%).  On the other hand, 22% of GenXers and 36% of Boomers selected “News or News Shows,” while only 6% of Millennials did.


Millennials and GenXers most often get their news “online,” 49% and 48% respectively.  Only 20% of Boomers get their news online. 44% of Boomers selected “Network News – ABC, NBC, CBS” as their main source of news versus 26% of Millennials and 32% of GenXers.  The breakdown for “Cable News – Fox News, MSNBC, CNN” was 16% (Boomers), 11% (GenXers) and 12% (Millennials).


When it comes to reading a book, Millennials are the least likely to turn to “Print,” 68% versus 81% of GenXers and 83% of Boomers.  Millennials are the most likely to turn to all types of electronic resources (laptop or desktop computer, e-reader, iPad, Mobile phone).


All cohorts use email to a large extent (84% of Millennials, 81% of GenXers, 77% of Boomers).  Texting, Twitter, Facebook, other social networks and blogs are used by significantly more Millennials than the other two cohorts.  LinkedIn and Print Magazines are used most by GenXers.  Print newspapers are used most by Boomers. 


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