In a March 2010 AIM online survey of over *500 US Millennial home owners/renters, we found that 83% are at least somewhat concerned about the current state of the national economy.  Only 5% are not concerned at all.

Yet, 63% hold an optimistic view for the near future.  Twenty-two percent “hope” that 2010 will be better than 2009, while 41% think 2010 will be challenging, but that things will “improve in the second half.”  An additional 10% are optimistic for the long-term, saying that it “may take a long time (2-5 years),” but “we will be better off” eventually.

This is not to say that Millennials are NOT concerned about the economic situation, however.  When asked whether economic concerns would impact their spending plans this year, only 17% said it will have “little or no impact.” 

*Randomly selected per US geographic distribution, ethnicity, and gender distribution.  Age 20-29 years.



Millennials make up almost a third of the U.S. population.

Their spending power already exceeds $300 billion.

They will fundamentally change how you do business in the future.

-What will their homes look like?

-And what products will they buy to fill those homes?

A groundbreaking study from Albing International Marketing LLC, the research leader in the home furnishings industry.

To be published April 2010

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