India’s Elections

AT AIM, we are watching the month long elections (that started last week) in India with strong interest.  We are particularly interested in how the elections might affect India’s overall economic situation which has offered so much potential for US consumer products companies over the past several years.  So far, so good.   


From the BBC:


Under the headline “Ballots stronger than bullets”, the Times of India said that the high turnout was a “celebration and an affirmation” of the country’s democratic ideals.

It also praised awareness campaigns over the past few weeks that encouraged middle class urban voters “to step out like never before to vote”.

“Neither the blazing summer sun nor extremist gunfire could keep away the voter from the booth,” the paper said.

It said the turnout was a setback for Maoists and other extremist groups who saw “a successful electoral democracy as a negation of their political beliefs”.


To better understand the players in India’s elections, we recommend visiting CNN’s website: