Millennial Malaise? Is Financial “Bootcamp” the Answer?

The current economy is beginning to take a toll on Millennial optimism according to AIM research. Increasingly, we are hearing young people state that they cannot foresee success at their parents’ level in their own futures.

A recent survey conducted by American Express found:

  • More than half of recent grads have $15,000+ in student loan debt
  • About one in three grads live with their parents
  • 68% are either not working, or not working in a job in their field

A large portion of the difficulties that Millenials face can be distilled to two issues: jobs and money, or the lack thereof. By providing twenty-somethings with the tools they need to earn and manage an income, LearnVest and AmEx hope to make the post-college world a little less bleak. The two teamed up to offer a pair of “bootcamps,” which deliver a daily email with a short lesson and tools to reinforce that lesson. These boot camps, free of charge, last 10 days each and cover two key weak spots for twenty-somethings: the workplace and the wallet.