Millennials Plan Low-Key Family Holidays

This just in…

Albing International Marketing polled 100 Millennials about their spending plans for the holidays 2011:

· Only 2% will spend substantially more than last year

· 67% will spend about the same

· 30% will spend a lot less than last year

· 5% have decided NOT to give gifts this year

· 43% will be giving fewer, smaller gifts

· 5% are considering charitable donations instead of traditional gifts

· 8% plan to give “experience” gifts (theater/sports tickets/dining/travel)

· 38% say gift giving will be about the same as last year

· No one in AIM’s survey will be giving “more expensive gifts and more of them”

· 46% are planning only family gatherings

· 17% will give one or two small parties

· 13% will hold one or more large events

· 12% have no plans for entertaining, but will probably have some impromptu gatherings

· 12% will be doing no entertaining whatsoever!

More analysis to follow soon…