Millennials Still Moving Back Home

There’s an article in today’s Huffington Post, Recent Graduates Not Only Move Back Home, But Stay There, that states this year’s college grads are skeptical about their job prospects despite the statistics indicating an improving job market. (As the parent of a Millennial in the college class of 2011, I sure hope that things are improving…) The article goes on to describe the situation for several Millennials who moved back home after graduation. According to one young person, “communication” is the key to making the living arrangement work. And, despite a somewhat misleading headline, there is no desire to stay under the parents’ roof. “I know they love me, but it’s time for me to go,” said one young woman in the article, who despite all of the challenges associated with moving back home has appreciated the extra time it’s given her to be with her family. “I just hope that I can.”
-Robin Albing