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AIMsights offers a comprehensive range of research, analysis
and strategic planning services

… to help you identify and profitably market to your target consumer.

Custom Research and Analysis for Single or Multiple Clients

  • Consumer surveys (quantitative and qualitative)
  • On-line and in-person focus groups
  • Observational research
  • Product testing

This is the critical homework phase of any marketing endeavor. Learn about the consumer’s real and perceived needs and desires before embarking on a new product venture, new business category, or new way of doing business. Test, analyze, develop insights and target your launch for success.

AIMsights Proprietary Panel Surveys

  • Millennials MOVERS (millennial generation)
  • Xceptionals (generation X)
  • Zoomers (baby boomers)

AIMsights Panels provide quick, honest feedback with diversity that is representative of the U.S. population.  Millennials MOVERS live in their own apartments, separate from their parents.

AIMsights Tools and Blueprints

  • M@B Factor ™ (details coming soon!)

Consumer-Centric Strategic Planning

  • Situation analysis
  • External market assessment
  • Strategic plan
  • Implementation plan

AIMsights offers strategic planning services for an entire business, business unit, new business or single product.  Plans are based on the client’s in-house information and the AIMsights database.  Custom research can be integrated into the process.

AIMsights Thought Partner ™ Advisory Services

  • CEO
  • CMO
  • Board of Directors

AIMsights Thought Partner ™ Advisory Services provide a structured process to extract the ideas that swirl around in a client’s brain and place them into a framework.  The process uses one-on-one interviews to clarify, evaluate, validate, shape and document an existing client idea.  The process conceptualizes the ideas into tangible business concepts, practical strategies and a documented action plan for implementation.  The Thought Partner process uses AIMsights in-depth industry expertise to challenge the client’s thinking and assumptions and drive innovation.

AIMsights Trend Reports

AIMsights is creating a series of reports that examine Millennials’ hopes and dreams for their homes.

Millennials are the second largest generational group in the US, and are on track to become the largest. They are becoming homeowners and renters. Over 35 million are already in the home initiation phase — and that number is growing every day. The remainder of the group will enter that phase over the next 15 years.

Millennials already control over $350 billion in purchasing power on their own and influence an additional $1 trillion. They drive sales and are the biggest contributors to sales growth.

AIMsights Trend Reports explore the home preferences and shopping habits of these consumers, providing detailed insights into the opportunities to reach this upcoming generation of spenders.


The first report in the series is the groundbreaking MILLENNIALS At HOME report, published in 2010.  The report includes extensive primary research as well as an analysis of secondary research.  Insights include the preferences, thoughts and feelings that Millennials associate with the home — going beyond the physical home and extending to the intangible elements that make a house a home.

Click here to read a sample or purchase the report for immediate download.




The second report in the series, MILLENNIALS At HOME….In The Kitchen, explores how Millennials embrace the kitchen as the heart of the American home. Their vision for an ideal kitchen is shaped by memories of the sheltering kitchen of their youth, where they sought solace and shelter from an increasingly cold and technological world.  This ideal kitchen is still a dream for most Millennials, but they are seeking and finding ways to move closer to that dream.

The report is based on a series of comprehensive online surveys and focus groups, in-depth interviews with Millennials and industry experts, in-home audits and analysis of secondary research.

This report provides insights for any business that focuses on the kitchen, including housewares, furniture and home furnishings companies; homebuilders, realtors, flooring and cabinet companies, and food retailers.

Enter the kitchens of the Millennials — Learn how they live now, what they want next and how their kitchens will evolve over the next ten years.

Click here to read a sample or purchase the report for immediate download.


The third report in the series.  Sign up for AIMsights email updates to receive advance notice.

For information on purchasing AIMsights Trend Reports, please contact us.



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